Trump's sleep defense seems unlikely to prevail

A tired and befuddled Donald Trump once again visibly fell asleep in court.

Donald Trump spends a lot of time trying to define Joe Biden as "sleepy." When Biden appears in public and is fired up, Trump immediately claims the President is amped up on speed. Could this all be projection? Once again, Donald Trump could not stay awake as his criminal trial began.

"Trump's head slowly dropped, his eyes closed," he reported. "It jerked back upward. He adjusts himself. Then, his head droops again. He straightens up, leaning back. His head drops for a third time, he shakes his shoulders. Eyes closed still. His head drops. Finally, he pops his eyes open."

This comes just one day after New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman and other journalists spied Trump dozing during the first day of his criminal trial on Monday, which sparked furious denials from Trump and his allies.


Maybe Stormy Daniels will tell us that Trump just goes right to sleep.