TikToker stays in Airbnb despite discovering occupant in crawlspace

TikToker Sevennn rented an Airbnb in Atlanta and was surprised to discover that someone was living in the crawlspace below the house. The video begins with a shot of the exterior of the house. "It look normal, right? Big and everything," she says. "So you walk up here, and y'all see these li'l holes, right?" She is referring to air vents in the walls. She points her camera at a hole and you can see a mattress and other items set up on a plastic tarp on a bare floor.

"What the f*k? Airbnb, y'all gotta get your sh*t together, bro," she says.

When a commenter asked her, "Did you all stay or leave?" she replied, "I ain't even gonna lie, broski, hell yeah. But if you knew how much we paid, sh*t, you would stay too. A homeless man don't bother me."


@airbnb yall gotta get yall stuff together cause ain't no way only in ATLANTA #fyp #viral #airbnb #blowthisup #atlanta #trending

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