Trump's son spins wild narrative: Father's legal battles akin to centuries of racial injustice

The audacity of privilege knows no bounds. This week, Trump's least intellectually gifted son appeared on a religious zealot's podcast and compared his father's legal issues to the systemic racism and legal injustices faced by Black people for centuries.

He said, "And now you're seeing certain segments of the population, like the African American segment of the population, who are coming out and saying, 'they've done the same crap that they're doing to Donald Trump. They've done it to us. For years, they've indicted us for nonsense. They've thrown the legal system at us, they haven't given us a chance in hell, it's been a rigged system.' They've literally made my father, a martyr with certain segments of the population…"

The most facepalm-worthy part of Eric's statement is his comparison of his father's legal issues to the systemic racism and legal injustices faced by Black people. Donald Trump is a white, wealthy, and powerful individual whose legal challenges are a result of specific allegations of wrongdoing. The systemic racism that Black people face is woven tightly into the fabric of our society and justice system. It's not just a result of specific allegations, but a pervasive, systemic issue that spans centuries. Trying to equate these two vastly different experiences is not just dumb, but it undermines and dismisses the severity and impact of systemic racism. But, it's Eric, so we shouldn't be surprised that he co-opted the real and painful experiences of Black people to deflect from the specific allegations against his daddy.

And Eric's whining that the justice system is "rigged" against Donald Trump is a classic MAGA fairy tale. The U.S. legal system is indeed flawed and biased against marginalized communities, but is absolutely "rigged" in favor of wealthy and influential figures like Donald Trump, a man who has been skating on thin ice his entire life with little to no consequences. So, while Eric continues to spin this yarn of martyrdom for his father, remember: it's not a rigged system that's catching up to Donald Trump, it's just plain old justice.