Australian First Nations hard rock school band wants to play with their idols, KISS

In September of last year, the 2022 winners of the Australia Battles of the School Bands Best Song and Best Band, Mulga Bore Hard Rock, had one of their dreams come true when they opened for their favorite band, KISS, at the last gig of KISS' 2022 Australian tour. Now, there's a movement to get the band back on stage with their idols when KISS performs at the 2023 Toyota AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final on September 30, 2023. 

Mulga Bore Hard Rock describes the band and its mission on its website:

We are a band made up of school kids, community members, and a big family. We live in a remote community called Mulga Bore, which is 180ks North East of Alice Springs. We are Anmatjerre, we live our culture but we also live in two worlds. 

We want to inspire other First Nations youth to follow their dreams by getting our story out and travelling far and wide leading by example, showing the way every day.

I watched the video for their song Big Train, and I love how these youth rock! I sure hope they get to perform with KISS again soon!

To learn more about the band, check out its Instagram or its website. Currently, a documentary about the film is being created by producer/director Rebecca McLean of Sharp Film Productions. You can donate to the band or the documentary on the band's website.