How to turn a thrift store cassette player into a gnarly guitar distortion box

Ah, the thrift store electronics section, frequently filled with quite possibly enough Wii Fit Balance Boards to reach the moon and back. But occasionally, a gem can still be found that can be restored, reimagined, or entirely transformed into a very different kind of treasure. David Hilowitz is a YouTuber who I started watching within the past year, and by far my favorite videos are the ones in which he uses lo-fi obsolete technology in new, musical ways—whether a barely working 1970s musical toy, or an Omnichord he found at Goodwill for $10. (Seriously, how are his thrift stores this good?) Below, he turns an old cheap tape deck into a gnarly guitar distortion in a quest to recreate his childhood guitar rig.  

(And David, if you're reading this, the next time you find a $10 Omnichord, please tell me.)

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