Poll tracks Rudy Giuliani's journey from media hero to despised Trump lickspittle

"Reporting about polls commissioned by news media so it has polls to report" is one of the worst things about the news, a greasy chute to simulated politics, mindless rage and unimaginable atrocity—but this one's a doozy! No-one in the history of polling has gone from being so loved as Rudy Giuliani by American adults to so despised by them. 76% to 16%, according to a CNN report on a CNN poll commissioned by CNN for CNN, over the last 20 years or so.

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten shares poll numbers reflecting Americans' views on former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani over the past 21 years.

Just don't remind yourself who set out to get New Yorkers and then Americans loving Rudy in the first place–and who is now still content to call on him with the same voice it reports his reputational and legal demise. The hacks who hyped him knew exactly what he was and what he would do. They thought it was funny.