Watch Captain Kirk walk into a door in these classic Star Trek blooper reels

If you've never seen Captain James T. Kirk walk into a door that didn't automatically open as it was supposed to, you're in for a treat. Here are three Star Trek blooper reels that Star Trek actor Majel Barrett (Nurse Christine Chapel) would show at conventions. Barrett, who married show creator Gene Roddenberry in 1969, was also the voice of the onboard computers on the various Star Trek series from 1966 to 2023.

Check out this excellent Flickr photoset of Star Trek bloopers from birdofthegalaxy. They wrote:

The mistakes, pranks, parties, and repeat filming of individual scenes became legendary material from Star Trek due to the blooper reels, collections from each of the three seasons of the show put together by Bob Justman and others and shown at cast parties and season wrap ups. Some of the material from those reels made it into fans hands through sales from Lincoln Enterprises, and the entire reels, though never released through distribution, exist in numerous copies and generations from 16mm reels to blu-ray discs. These shots are a combination of things that I identify as bloopers either from overt laughter, the original blooper reels, or out of character expression. Some are new (like the City on the Edge shot) while others are just clean copies of famous moments (Leonard and Adam Nimoy as an example). Enjoy! Click on the thumbnails at the right to expand any of the photos.