"Nuts!": Bloopers from old Hollywood TV and films

Enjoy this blooper reel of some real "oopsy daisies" from early Hollywood productions, I sure did!

And, if you liked that, here are a couple more similar compilations:

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Watch the best news bloopers of the month, COVID-19 edition!

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Watch 80 joyous minutes of newly discovered Seinfeld bloopers

At r/Seinfeld, MrJonLott writes:

At the Raynham flea market 2 years ago I found a DVD with 80 minutes of previously unseen Seinfeld bloopers. These are different from the official DVD bloopers, which are already on YouTube. This DVD was in a bootleg case with a bootleg design, and a simple unvarnished disc inside. I ripped the footage from the DVD and uploaded it raw to YouTube. Forgive the video quality; the DVD has low-grade video.

The DVD was produced in 2000, which makes me think it's a bootleg of a blooper DVD made for the cast and crew of Seinfeld in 1998 or 1999, to be shared in the days before internet. There is nothing else on the disc.

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Watch the best TV news bloopers of 2019

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Teens making fun of their own sports bloopers on Tiktok is wholesome fun

I imagine that many of these videos were originally filmed by parents disappointed in the outcome, only to be rescued by teens who realized their failures could be spun into gold:

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British broadcaster Peter Sissons dies at 77. Here's his most famous moment.

Peter Sissons, who died today at 77, is well known to British news junkies for his decades anchoring daily bulletins on ITV and the BBC. Though not well-known abroad, he just happens to be the man responsible for one of the BBC's most outrageous NSFW bloopers: a contemptuous hot-mic outburst about a fellow presenter's breasts. Read the rest

Ben Carson confused 'REO' (HUD real estate term) with 'Oreo' (the cookie)

Trump Did Not Pick HUD Secretary for Smarts, Nope

These are the "biggest onscreen mistakes" in Game of Thrones

Nit pickers rejoice: Revisit the infamous coffee cup from this season, rubber swords, and other goofs and gaffs in Westeros.

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Freudian news bloopers

Enjoy this fine collection of Freudian slips uttered by news presenters. Read the rest

Watch the "Best News Bloopers 2018"

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Brilliant movie goof Twitter account

On the @movie_goofs Twitter account, a fellow named Sean posts brilliantly funny "movie goofs" that aren't actually goofs. And for additional fun, see the responses from folks who don't seem to get that Sean is just kidding.

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Watch the Best News Bloopers of 2017

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Vintage news blooper of anchor hysterically laughing about a person's tumor removal

"Oh darn." (via r/ContagiousLaughter)

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Silence of the Lambs bloopers reel

In honor of the great director Jonathan Demme who died yesterday, please enjoy this bloopers reel from his classic film Silence of the Lambs.

More horror film blooper reels at TVOvermind.

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Child interrupts remote expert interview on BBC News

This morning, BBC News was interviewing Pusan National University professor Robert Kelly live from what is apparently his home office and someone else apparently wanted his attention...

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Watch: Kid crashes live weather forecast, predicts farts and toots

Jackson, Mississippi had some strange weather last Saturday – at least according to Houston, the energetic boy who leapt onto the WLBT weather set while meteorologist Patrick Ellis was in the middle of a forecast. After flapping his arms and cawing like a bird, and then appearing to fart a couple of times, Houston pointed at the weather map and said, "There are farts everywhere, and toots!"

According to TVSpy:

Meteorologist Patrick Ellis was part way through his forecast on Jackson, Ms. NBC affiliate WLBT when a kid, named Houston, stepped into the shot and began forecasting as only a small boy can.

WLBT later explained the station hosts a show with local lawyers that airs after the 6 p.m. Saturday newscast. Ellis says it’s not uncommon for the lawyers to bring their kids. One of those kids was Houston.

“This Saturday was a little different,” said Ellis. “This Saturday our friend Houston decided he wanted to be on television.”

Ellis took it all in stride, chuckling and talking to the boy as if it were all part of the normal weather routine. This is the kind of stuff that makes live TV so much fun to watch. Read the rest

"Who put this dick on my back?"

Reporting from the bustling Chicago Board of Trade, Scott Cohn relays news about the strengh of Japanese Yen futures. Then a wild dick appears. [via] Read the rest

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