Vloggers visit Disney's "Oogie Boogie Bash"

Ooogie Boogie Bash, the Halloween party, is hands down the best way to visit Disney's California Adventure. An after dark party that features villains, candy, and some of the most amazing spatial light and magic trickery I have seen at a Disney park. Honestly, most of DCA is a boring was of visitor's time, but during OBB, the park is transformed.

Here is Ordinary Adventures first 2023 visit. They are amazing at reviewing the food and merch, Peter looks great in his Oogie Boogie sweatshirt!

Here Fresh Baked Dave offers a fantastic look at Judge Doom, one of this years new vilians. He might be my favorite one, and I am disappointed I decided not to even try to get a ticket this year:

Here is the most manic Disneyvlogger of them all enjoying a ridiculous costume: