CNN confronts George Santos with montage of his big fat whoppers (video)

CNN's Erin Burnett played George Santos a montage video of his far-fetched fibs, to which the Congressliar said he would not deflect — before he deflected. (See second video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

From his grandparents surviving the holocaust (no records) to his mother surviving 9/11 (easy to do when you're in another country) to his imagined Baruch volleyball scholarship, the clips resurrected just some of Santos' humiliating past whoppers that helped him get elected to Congress.

Burnett then asked, "Can you explain … why you said some of the things that you said, which you yourself have admitted are not true."

And naturally, the first thing that came out of Santos' mouth was a lie. "I'm not deflecting," he said, "but I'm just going to call you out here." He then launched into MAGA's signature whataboutism, trying to rope President Biden into the conversation. But Burnett didn't take the bait, reminding him that she had informed him before the interview that she would be asking him questions about himself. "You were well aware of that."

When Santos realized the whataboutism didn't take, and that Burnett still wanted to know why he was such a compulsive fabulist, he shut down. "I'm not answering these questions," Santos said, before he picked up his toys and went home. (See second video, although first one is good too.)

Front page thumbnail image: CNN