Drinking at Disneyland: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Disneyland has added alcoholic beverages to the menu at three more sit-down dining establishments. In addition to service at Oga's Cantina, Blue Bayou, and the near impossible to get into Club 33, the park is now generating additional high-margin revenue at Carnation Cafe, River Belle Terrace, and Cafe Orleans.

A selection of Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Mules, beer, and wine will be available in various signature versions scattered across the new locations. Oga's Cantina already serves several very sugary Star Wars-inspired cocktails, and Blue Bayou has a Hurricane.

Try not to overdo it. If you are unable to contain the drinks and have an unfortunate event, you will likely hear a CastMember call in a Code-V. As usual, Disney is fast on the cleanup.

The very last thing you want to become is a Treasured Guest. Remember that everyone is at the park to have a nice day.


Starting today (September 12, 2023), Disneyland Resort has updated its menus to add alcohol to three more restaurants in the park: Carnation Cafe, River Belle Terrace, and Cafe Orleans. To entice guests to visit these dining locations for reasons beyond having a new place to consume alcoholic drinks, Disney has also added other new food and drinks to these venues. Let's take a look!

These new adult offerings aren't the first at Disneyland. Aside from a full bar at Disneyland's private Club 33, Oga's Cantina opened in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge with a menu filled with sweet adult beverages. Not long after, Blue Bayou added a selection of wine, beer, and sweet cocktails. All of the restaurants share something in common: they are all table service and don't allow you to take your drink with you outside of the establishment.

I hope that Disney introduces a Sazerac someplace in New Orleans Square. The Haunted Mansion would get a lot more interesting.