Escaped Pennsylvania murderer back in custody

After escaping from prison and two weeks on the run–and being shot at by a homeowner from whom he stole a rifle–Danelo Cavalcante is back in custody. CNN reports that he's just been picked up in South Coventry Township, about an hour northwest of Philadephia, and that it will be officially announced at a 9:30 a.m. ET news conference.

A convicted murderer's escape from a Pennsylvania prison outside Philadelphia kicked off a manhunt that dramatically evolved in recent days. About 500 law enforcement officers searched for Danelo Cavalcante, 34, who escaped August 31 from Chester County Prison. A law enforcement official close to the investigation said Wednesday he is now in custody. … The manhunt shifted significantly over the weekend after authorities said Cavalcante managed to escape their search perimeter and steal a van about three-quarters of a mile away. According to Bivens, the owners – who identified themselves as a local dairy farm – had left the keys inside their delivery van, which Cavalcante used to flee some20 miles north to East Pikeland Township.

CBS News has live coverage of him being transported, if you have a television receiver at your disposal. Video of Cavalcante's spectacular escape from confinement made it national news, but this guy isn't The Fugitive, he's a scumbag who murdered his girlfriend, Deborah Brandão.