Congressperson Boebert refused to quit vaping near a pregnant woman

One of the complainants who had Colorado Congressperson Lauren Boebert tossed from a theatrical performance of "Beetlejuice" was pregnant. The pregnant woman repeatedly asked Boe-Boe to stop vaping and was rebuffed. It is completely unsurprising that Boebert is this gigantic jerk.


But according to reporting in the Denver Post, Boebert was kicked out of a Beetlejuice performance at Denver's Buell Theater on Sunday, September 10. And a new report reveals she was asked to leave after she refused to quit vaping near a pregnant woman.

The Post reports that three attendees, including the woman, complained about Boebert. The woman alleged that when she asked the MAGA congresswoman to quit vaping, she refused. Boebert's office has denied that allegation.

HuffPost's Josephine Harvey notes, "The woman, who said she did not recognize Boebert, told the Post she asked the lawmaker to stop vaping, but the congresswoman simply said 'no.' She said Boebert was singing along loudly with her hands in the air and took multiple long videos during the first half of the performance. The woman made a complaint during intermission. When she returned to her seat with her husband, Boebert called her a 'sad and miserable person,' she said."

Boebert's office claims she is a patron of the arts. It appears this interpretation involves getting loaded and endangering the health of newborns.