Pathological loudmouth Elon Musk suddenly goes mute when asked about his relationship with Putin

Elon Musk is a classic Internet Tough Guy, known for being an obnoxious bully and troll. But like all Internet Tough Guys, when he is confronted in the real world, even when surrounded by his bodyguards in matching suits, his vocal cords stop working, and he quickens his pace to get away.

Check out this Sky News reported trying to elicit a comment from the Xitter tycoon. Musk does his best to ignore his questions about refusing to let Ukraine's military use Starlink's satellite internet service to attack the Russian fleet.

Here is what the reporter asked him as he toddled down a sidewalk into the back seat of a waiting getaway car.

"Has your ignorance and ego cost Ukrainian lives, sir? A Ukrainian official says that you have enabled Vladimir Putin as an aggressor. What do you say to that? Vladimir Putin calls you outstanding, Mr. Musk, do you appreciate that? What would you call Vladimir Putin? Has your ego and ignorance, sir, cost Ukrainian lives? A senior war official says it has."