Donald Trump meets instant karma when he calls Biden "impaired" and then warns of "WWII"

It was as if Donald Trump were looking into a mirror on Friday when he said: "We have a man who is totally corrupt and the worst president in the history of our country, who is cognitively impaired. In no condition to lead…"

And then, as the "cognitively impaired," four-times indicted ex-president continued to bash President Biden, he time-shifted back to 1939: "… and is now in charge of dealing with Russia … Just think of it. We would be in World War II very quickly." (See video blow, posted by Joe Scarborough.)

As often happens with gentlemen of his ilk, the ignoramus was met with instant karma, making him the butt of much mockery over the weekend. (See a few examples in posts below.) And just for the record, Trump is only three years younger than President Biden, so he might want to rethink his failing bully strategy.

Via Newsweek
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