This incredible guitar FX pedal lets you sample audio from Street Fighter

I first learned about Acorn Amps through the company's Dune-themed "Mind Killer" Distortion Pedal, which promises to deliver "total obliteration" through the proper tweaking of its "Spice" and "Life" knobs (get it?). To be clear: this is a very real distortion pedal. I haven't actually used it myself, but I dream of the day when this sleeper shall awaken.

Now, the company has brought their badass rock & roll nerdery even further with a guitar pedal that samples from Street Fighter. Yes, that's right. There's no distortion; no compression; no alteration to your EQ, or subtle duplications of your audio signal in a way that might suggest natural reverberation or intentional delay. No, this pedal … literally just samples audio clips from Street Fighter. You tap on the pedal, and that's what it does.

As always, for the non-embed crowd:

You might be wondering: what kind of sonic delights could I accomplish with such a guitar pedal? And the answer is: I don't fuckin' man, know. It's just fun. Though I guess you could run it through a distortion pedal (like the aforementioned Mind Killer) or do some fun looping shit with it. I bet it'd sound rad as hell through Acorn Amps' ADHD Synth Fuzz, too — again, not a pedal I've personally tried, but dammit it seems pretty cool.