"Why am I to blame for the chaos?" asks the agent of chaos; once again Matt Gaetz blames others

Rumored Floridian Gubernatorial hopeful and subject of a congressional ethics investigation into child sex trafficking allegations, Matt Gaetz is not happy to be known as an agent of chaos. Seeking to blame others for breaking the funding deal "Speaker" McCarthy had previously cut with the Biden administration, Gaetz likens himself to a force creating necessary tension for the system to function, not just a disruptive member of the grandstanding far right. Of course this is McCarthy's fault, or someone else's if there is chaos, Matt is just doing his job: creating chaos.

Raw Story shares Gaetz's whinging:

Gaetz told Bannon he was seen as "some sort of chaos agent."

"Why am I to blame for the chaos of the fact that these appropriations bills weren't here already?" he gasped. "Right? Like, how come we didn't do defense appropriations right alongside the National Defense Authorizing Bill?"

"You see, this is not a bug of the system," he continued. "It is a feature. They hold everything to the very end so that everyone feels rushed and under the pressure to avoid a shutdown. And that's how the administrative state continues."