How about some 3D-printed vegan salmon?

A 3D-printed vegan version of a salmon filet is now on the market in Austria. It's created by the food tech startup Revo Foods, which calls it THE FILET. An article on IFL Science (link here) states that it "is thought to be the first 3D-printed food to reach supermarket shelves."

Like some other meat replacement products, the salmon alternative is made from mycoprotein, which comes from filamentous fungi. As for its nutrition, the product contains a range of vitamins and – like its animal counterpart – omega-3 fatty acids. It's also considered to be high in protein, at 9.5 grams per 100 grams, although this is still less than the protein content in the same amount of normal salmon.

Lab created meat substitutes, whether plant-based like this salmon-like product, or cell-cultivated "meat" made from animal cells, are hoped to reduce the tremendous environmental impact of the meat industry.

This video from Revo Foods shows THE FILET being made, cooked and enjoyed by young, attractive actors. Even this promotional video didn't make the product look especially delicious to me, but hopefully it tastes better than it looks. And hopefully this is just the start of what Revo calls a "creative food revolution."