Sound of Freedom executive producer accused of groping underage trafficking victim's breasts

Days after Tim Ballard, the QAnon hero who inspired the lead character in Sound of Freedom, was accused of sexually harassing women, comes the news that Paul Hutchinson, executive producer of the film, has been accused of groping an underage trafficking victim's breasts during a sting operation in Mexico,

According to Vice, Paul Hutchinson, who runs the Child Liberation Foundation, was recorded as he "touched the naked breasts of an apparently underage trafficking victim during a 2016 undercover operation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico."

From Vice:

A description of one of the videos, written by an investigator, shows Hutchinson expressing concerns over whether he could be prosecuted by Mexican authorities over the incident. He was speaking to Matt Osborne, an OUR operative, who dismissed his worries while making clear he didn't think the video should be shown to the U.S. government. Osborne is currently the president and chief operating officer of OUR, as he has been since Ballard resigned from the organization earlier this year following an internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.

Provided with a detailed description of what was in the investigative files, he did not deny that the videos showed him doing what the investigator's description said they did, or dispute that he had felt the trafficking victim's naked breasts. He did dispute that she was a minor, asserting that he had a sworn affidavit from Mexican federal police saying that she was over 18. He did not respond to multiple requests, sent over a period of weeks, to provide a copy of this document.

If that's not enough, one of Sound of Freedom's funders was arrested for child kidnapping