Mortal Kombat fans decry Switch version's poor performance

With Mortal Kombat 1 (which is actually Mortal Kombat 12) now available, gamers the world over are enjoying brutally murdering friends and strangers alike in the arena- except for those unlucky enough to be playing the game on a Nintendo Switch.

While marketed as having parity with the other versions of the game, even including PC footage in its trailer, the Switch version of MK1 has been plagued with performance and graphical issues, with many characters not looking quite like themselves- which hasn't gone unnoticed by players.

While one could excuse this as a symptom of the Switch's outdated hardware, the fact that it costs a full $70 is inexcusable. At a certain point, Netherrealm should have just cut their losses and given up on the Switch version entirely instead of delivering the janky mess it ended up as- or even held off for the upcoming Switch 2.