Man reported bear attack and needed to be rescued. One part of that is true. Kinda.

A gentleman called emergency services in Kanawha County, West Virginia last week reporting that he had been attacked by a bear in the woods. The man, Christian Leonhardt, 47, of Brecksbille, Ohio claimed he was severely injured and that a group of bears were stalking him.

"Please help me!" he cried to the dispatchers.

Several search and rescue teams descended on the area to find Leonhardt who also told dispatchers he had a head injury and was bleeding out. Two hours later, they found Leonhardt. But they didn't find him injured. And they didn't find any bears.


Once they were at his location, he allegedly denied medical treatment from fire and EMS crews, claiming he just wanted a ride out of the woods[…]

Deputies say Leonhardt allegedly told them he was extremely intoxicated and apologized for wasting their time, but that he needed to get out of the woods.

He's been charged with falsely reporting an emergency.