No more sad puppy dog eyes! DOGTV and Wicked Ball can keep your doggo happy and entertained

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TL;DR: Leaving your pup home alone is tough, so why not get them some toys and entertainment made to keep them happy and engaged? A step up from run-of-the-mill chew toys, the Wicked Ball interactive pet toy is only $34.99, while a lifetime subscription to DOG TV is only $149.99!

While dogs hate being left home alone when you jet off to work each day (who else will pay the rent?), many of them could use a little extra stimulation while you cook, read a book, or do whatever else you enjoy. Luckily for you, there are tons of great options to keep them busy, like the Wicked Ball interactive dog toy or DOGTV, a streaming service designed specifically for your four-legged family members. 

Now, you can get the Wicked Ball for only $34.99 (reg. $49) and lifetime access to DOGTV for only $149.99 (reg. $838)!

While your pup may love dragging around that old, torn-up toy they've had since Christmas (5 years ago!), it doesn't do much to keep them happy, sharp, and engaged. But with the Wicked Ball, which looks like a normal ball from the outside, your pup can chase, hunt, and tease!

Equipped with three activity modes, the Wicked Ball helps keep your pup energized and curious. It even boasts a little treat hole to keep your doggo motivated to play while you're busy working. And don't worry, it's made of safe, eco-friendly materials.

In addition to the Wicked Ball, dogs can also get entertainment the same way their favorite humans do ā€” by watching TV! Just like we stream our favorite shows on Netflix, DOGTV is full of programs designed to cater to our doggo's vision and hearing, appeasing their behavioral tendencies. From reducing their anxiety and stress to calming destructive behavior, popping on DOGTV is an excellent solution for bored, stressed, or anxious pups. 

With 4.2 out of five stars on Hepper and Apple App Store, dog lovers can't help but appreciate DOGTV's carefully crafted programs that provide mental stimulation. It can even help dogs be less reactive to sudden noises, like doorbells or honking horns outside. 

Give your doggo entertainment that tickles their senses!

Get a lifetime subscription to DOGTV for just $149.99 and the Wicked Ball for just $34.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.