Here's how to get Rosetta Stone and Microsoft Office for $199.99

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TL;DR: Want to learn something cool and get access to software you might not need to pay for every month? Get Rosetta Stone and Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows for life for $199.99. 

Don't get it mixed up. Just because you learned a language as a tiny child doesn't mean it's easy to do as an adult. It helps to have a good teacher, even if that teacher is an app. If you want to really put some effort into learning a new language, get Rosetta Stone. It comes with a Lifetime License to Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows, and the whole thing is $199.99.

25 languages and Microsoft Office with no subscription fees

Want to broaden your horizons, maybe sharpen your mind a little? Learning a new language is a way to do it. It can also make it easier to order dinner while traveling in another country, especially if the menu doesn't have big pretty pictures you can point at. 

Rosetta Stone gives you unlimited access to lessons for 25 different languages. Those include Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, and more. You can even brush up on your English if you'd like.

These lessons go into a lot more depth than the boring memorization some other apps put you through. You can practice talking to speech recognition technology that will give you feedback. You can read or listen to the language. And yeah, you can memorize new words, but they're useful ones for things like getting directions, ordering, taking a cab, sharing your opinion, or discussing pop culture. 

If you want to take notes while you're studying a new language, this Microsoft Office might make it a bit easier. The Mac license comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams (Basic), and OneNote. Windows comes with the same apps, but it includes the free version of Teams and gives you Publisher and Access on top of everything else. 

All of these apps can be installed on one computer for life with no recurring costs. Long term, it may be a cheaper alternative to subscription services like Microsoft 365. 

Get a lifetime of learning on your own time 

Learn a language (or 20) and replace that pricey Microsoft subscription with a lifetime license. Get

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