Famed Sycamore Gap tree in England felled in "malicious act of vandalism"

One of England's most iconic trees was chopped down last night. Authorities are trying to figure out who did it, and Northumberland National Park put out a statement lamenting its death: "sadly, the famous tree at Sycamore Gap has come down overnight. We have reason to believe it has been deliberately felled."

The sycamore grew by the Wall for some 300 years. UK tabloids are full of photos of the remains.

That noise you hear is me slapping a fistful of cash on the square marked "local tenant who hates instagrammers"

A famous scene from Prince of Thieves, embedded below, featured the sycamore. The original music video for Bryan Adams' theme for the movie, (Everything I do) I Do It For You—which was number one for four merciless months in the U.K.—also featured it prominently, but seems to have been Mandela Effected into oblivion by a fake "official" video of concert footage.