Photos of goths up trees

Why do goths take photographs of themselves up trees? Goths Up Trees collects the best examples. The latest entry confirms that the phenomenon has been going on for decades.

Some nice goth type whose name I can't locate submitted this photo with the comment "It was Scotland circa 1988. Goth had only been a thing for a few years and the idea a Goth clothing shop would ever exist seemed unbelievable. On the other hand you could easily get your hands on strong lager under the age of 18. To think that 30 years later the next generations of Goth would continue this tree climbing tradition warms my bleak heart to a barely tepid."

Goths. Up. Trees.

I like goths and I like trees.  I know the names of more goths than trees, unfortunately.  Curated by one solitary goth of the female persuasion.  I've done a few interviews here, here and here. If you decide you no longer want your photo on the blog I will remove it immediately. Just send me an email.

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