MAGA witness's word omission trick backfires at Biden's impeachment inquiry

Former Assistant Attorney General Eileen O'Connor, a MAGA cult member serving as a witness at Biden's impeachment inquiry today, said with a straight face that she had omitted the word "Hunter" from a commentary she'd written titled "You'd Go to Prison for What Biden Did" to save time.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) didn't let her get away with it.

Rep. Stephen Lynch: You had mentioned in your oral testimony that you had written a commentary entitled, "You'd Go to Prison for What Biden Did." That was, "You'd Go to Prison for What *Hunter* Biden Did," isn't that right?

Eileen O'Connor: That's exactly right. I was cutting down words to stay within my five minutes.

Lynch: Yeah, that's an important word, though, that you left out though, right.

O'Connor: It is, I regretted it immediately.

Lynch: I like to enter into the record unanimous consent. The article, Miss O'Connor, is, "You'd Go to Prison for What Biden Did." I think that's an important word. Yeah, it is. Thanks.

O'Connor: I did not delete it intentionally, only in the service of time.

O'Connor is accustomed to pulling tricks like this on fact-averse MAGA cultists. However, as she discovered in this encounter, the same tactics are not well-received when dealing with normal people.

Aaron Rupar posted the video of the howler below: