Tika is a fabulous "fashionista Italian greyhound"

Meet Tika, an Italian greyhound who is way more fashionable than I could ever dream to be. She's gorgeous and she knows how to work it! Tika lives in Montreal with her humans, Katherine and Thomas Shapiro. On her website, the self-claimed "Fashionista Italian greyhound" introduces herself:

Hi! Welcome to my website. If you don't know who I am, I'm Tika, an Italian Greyhound living in Montreal, Canada. If you do know who I am, why did you show up without snacks??

I'm the self-proclaimed Gay Icon; love to show off my fashion while giving back to my community. Come for the fashion, stay for the blep.

She has been featured in Vogue, where she was described as a "statuesque, silver-haired pup." Vogue continues:

Tika was and continues to be all of us: sartorially lost souls staring longingly into a closet full of things rendered mostly unwearable at the moment, like embellished dresses, textured and printed pants, box clutches, and platform heels. But not so fast—Tika actually teaches us that, however impractical, fashion can be worn and enjoyed just for the sake of fun and self-expression. 

In fact, long before her viral TikTok, Tika was parading a fantastic array of style choices on her social media platforms. She also received a major shout-out on Instagram from musician Lizzo, who, earlier this month, donned a multicolored faux-fur bikini design by Kelsey Randall, a similar look to one that Tika wore weeks earlier. Lizzo lovingly referred to Tika as "an actual bad bitch" in her caption. "We stan queen Lizzo in this household," Tika said over email with some help from her owner, Thomas Shapiro. "Having her call me 'an actual bad bitch' was all the validation a girl could ask for." 

For more information about Tika and lots of gorgeous photos, check out the rest of the Vogue article here, or Tika's Instagram, YouTubeXFacebook, or TikTok.

Tika and her humans also just published a book, Tika the Iggy: Lessons in Life, Love, and Fashion, available here.


With over 350 items in my wardrobe, I had to do a part 2 with the missing colours: Yellow, Pink, Orange, and white! Which colour do I look best in? #tikatheiggy #italiangreyhound #dogclothes #fashiondog #dogfashion

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