Looking to reboot itself, Twitter reboots Paris Hilton

Twitter has a hot new strategy to get people interested and advertisers trusting their shopping experience: Paris Hilton. The renowned proto-reality star helped lower our nation's IQ and usher in an era of celebrity for rich people's kids who like to party. Seems Paris is the perfect spokesperson for Musk's most personal pet project: the X which can be found at Twitter.com.

This is a dying social network parading around a self-styled trendsetter. It seems the sit around and throw spaghetti at the wall for ideas to save Twitter phase is not yet over. This seems destined for failureland.


The two-year deal between X and 11:11, Hilton's production company, will require the heiress to create four video programs per year for the site in hopes of boosting ad revenue and brand partnerships, and elevating X as an "everything app," as Elon Musk has described itFinancial Times reported that the videos will focus on "topics such as Halloween, music, motherhood, and cooking." Certainly seem like the topics someone who has no real focus would cover!

Hilton tweeted out, "Officially in my X era #Sliving," along with an audio message over a still image to promote…her video deal. #Sliving is the "fetch" that Hilton is desperately trying to make happen—a portmanteau of "slaying" and "living your best life," neither of which it seems like anyone making business deals with Musk's company in 2023 is doing.

It does appear that you can pay people to call the social media site "X," all it takes is firing everyone who might say no to you.