Kari Lake and opponent Ruben Gallego run into each other at the airport, and it wasn't pretty (video)

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D–AZ), who is running for Senate, had the misfortune of running into opponent Kari Lake — first on the same flight from Washington D.C. to Phoenix, and then at Sky Harbor Airport near the baggage claim area. And Lake — who laughably just happened to be wearing a mic — made sure to let him know she wasn't there to make nice. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

"Unfortunately, our border is wide open. You and Kyrsten [Sinema] have had a lot of time to do something about it, and even the Democrats are upset about it, Ruben," she scolded. The two then had a heated back and forth about the border and fentanyl.

"I do look forward to working together, if we can," Gallego told the failed gubernatorial-candidate-turned-Senate-candidate, trying to take it down a notch. "I think it's great that we can have a civil conversation."

And then the conversation turned amusingly juvenile, with the two of them arguing like a couple of cranky siblings sitting in the back of a cramped car on a long road trip.

"Civil absolutely, but you know what's not civil? People dying on the streets, and in your district," Lake said.

"Our state," he clarified.

"Your district," she said.

"Our state," he repeated.

"No, it's your district," she comically insisted.

"Our state," he said once again, which sounded more like a worn out mumble.

If this is a preview of what a debate might look like between these two, someone needs to call a time out so they can go back into training.