Lara Trump says her Tom Petty cover song is getting "shadow banned" — but no, it's just bad

Lara Trump, married to Donald Trump's least intellectually gifted son, recently released a cover version of Tom Petty's 1989 song "I Won't Back Down," which she adorably refers to as "my song."

Like her father-in-law, Lara is blaming the media for its lack of interest in her off-pitch nasal whine and an ill-conceived approximation of a country twang, seemingly designed with the express purpose of amplifying the most irritating frequencies the human voice can produce.

As reported in The Independent:

She told Fox News her song was allegedly shadow-banned for being "too political". She claimed it is part of a wider trend of conservatives being "censored".

In posts shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, Ms Trump vented her frustrations, calling out Apple and posting screen recordings and screen grabs of the inability to find the song.

"Hey, Apple — where is my song??? Why doesn't my song appear when you search 'I Won't Back Down'???," she said.

Her snowflake husband whined about it on Twitter, too:

Meanwhile, in a since-deleted post, Eric Trump wrote: "Apple appears to be viscously shadow banning [Lara's] new song, which immediately upon release, was 31st on the iTunes charts. Lara's name, when typed in full, is hardly viable and can only be found below "Fake News II." The song itself is unsearchable."

Hopefully, someone has taught brave elephant-hunter Eric how to use Apple Music. As you might guess, a search for 'lara trump' on Apple Music takes you straight to her song:

Watch Tom Petty's original version here:

And enjoy Lara Trump's a cappella version here:

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