California governor Gavin Newsom vetoes decriminalization of psychedelics and ban on caste discrimination

Possessing psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms will remain a serious criminal offense in California after governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill decriminalizing their possession. Newsom issued a vague statement saying more "needs to be done" regarding medical guidelines. Newsom also vetoed a ban on caste discrimination, claiming it's already illegal.

Newsom, a Democrat who championed legalizing cannabis in 2016, said in a statement Saturday that more needs to be done before California decriminalizes the hallucinogens. … In recent years, psychedelics have emerged as an alternative approach to treating a variety of mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder. The Federal Drug Administration designated psilocybin as a "breakthrough therapy" for treatment-resistant depression in 2019 and recently published a draft guideline on using psychedelics in clinical trials. Public opinion on psychedelics, which have been mostly associated with 1960s drug culture, has also shifted to support therapeutic use.

Perhaps a flavor of the "Authoritarianism Zero" centrist that'll be on offer when this guy runs for pres, no move made without careful triangulation of landline-polled Romney voters, industry lobbyists, and the dream of the eternal 1990s. When the network of light-bathed healing centers with tinkling ambient music where it's sold as a $300-an-hour wellness experience is ready to roll, maybe then he'll have his pen out.

Dalits, though, until they can out-donate big tech, they can keep hoping.