Man builds sweet friendship with neighborhood hummingbird

With all the bad news in the world, sometimes what one needs is to watch a video about  a man who has befriended a cute little hummingbird named Hector. Julian is a guy living in Oakland who built a connection with a hummingbird by feeding it special homemade nectar.

 He uses a hand-held hummingbird feeder to do this. Hector comes to visit everyday for his snack. Julian says he suspects that Hector likes the sound of the window opening, because he flies over as soon as he hears it. 

From Youtube:

"Julian, known online as "Birdperson666", has always had a love for wildlife. Living in Oakland, he wasn't expecting to spark a friendship with a hummingbird living near by. It took about 5 days to get Hector, short for "Hector the nectar collector", to trust him enough to stop and eat right from Julian's hand. Hector has gone viral on social media, with over 800,000 follows on his TikTok page. Julian makes Hector's nectar according to a specific recipe, so that it's chemically as close to natural nectar as possible. He hopes his videos inspire others to explore and appreciate the nature around them."