Marjorie Taylor Greene quickly realigns herself with Matt Gaetz, threatening "to go after" those who oppose him (video)

Now that Marjorie Grifter Greene's former bestie and ex-House speaker Kevin McCarthy is no longer of any use to her, she is defending his ouster Matt Gaetz as if her life depended on it. Or at least her career. And she's threatening anyone who "comes after" him.

"And if anyone comes after Matt Gaetz — I heard there was some kind of expel resolution — I'm going to come after them," Greene said in defense of the toxic Florida man, who was actually her BFF before she dropped him for puppet McCarthy. "I'm not going to let anyone go after my friend Matt Gaetz, I'll stand up for him all day long." (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

Looks like Georgia's Conwoman, er, Congressperson is no longer "furious" with "friend" Gaetz for opposing McCarthy back in January. Maybe the two will even resume their traveling venue-less sideshow, if the streets will have them.

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