EU reverses suspension of aid to Palestine after backlash. It's like if Kylie Jenner was a supranational political entity

After the Hamas terror attacks in Israel, Kylie Jenner posted an Israeli flag on social media with a pro-forma message of support, then deleted it as it became clear to her how complex and divisive the subject matter was. Today it is the European Union's turn to learn this.

The European Union late Monday reversed an earlier announcement by an EU commissioner that the bloc was "immediately" suspending development aid for Palestinian authorities and instead said it would urgently review such assistance in the wake of the attacks on Israel by Hamas to make sure no money was misused.

The EU's knee-jerk decision to collectively punish civilians—or at least that of the responsible commissioner—was found politically unacceptable at record speed. But the EU isn't acting out of high-minded standards, it's worried about being seen as complicit in whatever the IDF is planning to do in Gaza. We are at whatever Defcon it is when Shin Bet is too "woke" to be listened to by the nutjobs currently running Israel.