MAGA Congresswoman wears a scarlet letter "A" on her chest, as in … ashamed? (video)

Congress amateur Nancy Mace (SC–R) held her head up high as she strutted through the Capitol halls adorned with a scarlet letter "A" — to let us know she is abundant?

Or does it stand for her anti-abortion "asshole move" — which is how she described her own vote against reimbursing military members who must travel to get an abortion. Or perhaps her alternating anti-vax stance, depending on which network she's speaking to? Asinine for her feigned ignorance on Ohio Rep. Gym Jordan's unsavory past? Or just plain MTG-level awful?

Welp, according to Mace, she's ambling around with a red A on her abdomen not because she's an adulteress (must have never read the book), but because of her attention-grabbing anti-McCarthy vote. "I'm wearing the scarlet letter after the week I had being a woman and being demonized for my vote and voice." An abysmal actor indeed. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

Front page thumbnail image: Nancy Mace congressional portrait (public domain)