Nancy Mace plays dumb on Jim Jordan's sex abuse scandal while endorsing him for Speaker

South Carolina Republican Congressperson Nancy Mace has had a hard time since crossing internal party lines to vote for removing former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. Mace has now endorsed the gerrymandered-into-relevance Ohio MAGA standard bearer, Jim Jordan.

The story of Jordan's role in covering up sexual abuse at Ohio State, and erasing his role in it, has been widely told. Mace claiming not to have heard of this well-known scandal doesn't exactly make her support of Jordan seem as well-founded as she might hope. Jordan's nickname is "Gym" for a reason.


Brennan replied, "I know you've been outspoken about defending victims of sexual assault. Do the past allegations against Jim Jordan that he turned a blind eye to sexual abuse give you any reservations? How do you square that?"

"Yeah," Rep. Mace responded, "I'm not familiar or aware with that. He's not indicted on anything that I'm aware of. And so I don't I don't know anything and I can't speak to that. But, I will say that I have been, as you said Margaret–"

"It's the Ohio State University allegations," Brennan interjected.

"Yeah, I don't, I don't know anything about that," said Mace.

Mace's endorsement is likely, largely based on Trump's support for Jordan and her own fundraising issues.

via Crooks and Liars