Disneyland Galaxies Edge is showing off new BD-style roaming droids

Galaxies Edge is Disneyland (and another park in Florida's) Star Wars land, where ticketholders can meet Star Wars characters who roam around, adding to the immersion. First Order troopers, Boba Fett, Fennic Shand, and Chewbacca are regulars, along with the Kylo guy and his force dyad pal Rey. Occasionally, R2D2 can be found, but there aren't too many droids out, and R2 doesn't really roam. Droids scurrying about is very atmospheric Star Wars, so they are notably missing.

BD-1 is Cal Kestis' droid in the Star Wars Jedi line of video games. Many people likely missed the appearance of a BD droid in the Pelli Motto shop on Tattooine because he was in Book of Boba Fett. BD droids seem like fantastic robotic buddies and are one of the most useful droids in the SW universe.

The controllers for these units are pretty evident and unfun, they'll likely find a better way. When you see R2 they are usually followed by a middle-aged dude with a large backpack and hat on, doing his best "I'm a Gen X Star Wars fan" act, complete with his hands jammed in his hoodie pockets and wiggling around. He is not suspicious.