Twitter's lack of a trust and safety team continues not to be solved by "Community Notes"

Xitter's current CEO Linda Yaccarino is still pushing "Community Notes" as the solution to the company's lack of a trust and safety team. Yaccarino, however, would tell you this isn't Xitter's problem, it was Twitter that fired all those trust and safety people, she works in the Xitter.

The Community Notes system she and Musk claim is handling all their misinformation seems to take an awful long time to do anything meaningful. The folks who contribute notes to the system are frustrated. It seems like Xitter wants the misinformation to spread, perhaps that's the work of a "free speech absolutist."

NBC News:

"All weekend we were furiously vetting, writing, and approving Community Notes on hundreds of posts which were demonstrably fake news," Kim Picazio, a Community Notes volunteer, wrote on Instagram's Threads. "It took 2+ days for the backroom to press whatever button to finally make all our warnings publicly viewable. By that time… You know the rest of that sentence."

Picazio told NBC News that she ended up just tweeting out proposed Community Notes herself in response to misinformation "out of total frustration." 

X has faced a surge of false and misleading news around the Israel-Hamas war, with many debunked claims notably being spread by verified accounts, which can make money based on ads shown against their posts.

Some high-profile users have said the problem with false information, which the platform has struggled with for years, seems worse than ever.