Remember the cat vibing in 2020? Now it's a recursive frog's turn to dance to Ievan Polkka

In this video, we see a frog bobbing in time to a frog bobbing in time to a frog bobbing in time to Bilal Göregen playing Ievan Polkka on the drums.

It's a catchy tune. You may remember this video of a cat vibing to the song from 2020.

According to Wikipedia, "Ievan Polkka" is a Finnish song with lyrics written by Eino Kettunen in 1928 to a traditional Finnish polka tune. The song tells the story of a young man and a woman named Ieva who sneaks out to dance the polka with him all night. While often mistaken for a traditional folk song, the lyrics are still under copyright. The song gained worldwide popularity through a scat singing version by the band Loituma, which was later incorporated into the viral animation known as the Loituma Girl. It was further popularized by a cover sung by Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid virtual idol. With its viral exposure in popular culture, "Ievan Polkka" has become one of the most famous Finnish songs globally.

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