Texas pastor says the government should shoot gay people "in the back of the head" (video)

Christian hate-preacher Duncan Urbanek is at it again, this time telling his Texas believers that the government should shoot gay people in the back of the head. (See video below, posted by Hemant Mehta.)

"These homos are worthy of death, they should be charged in a lawful assembly, and the government should execute them. The government should line them up and shoot them in the back of their head," said Urbanek, the same fearful man of cloth from the Dallas-based Stedfast Baptist Church who said women should burn their pants.

Urbanek then worried that his violent appeal would be taken the wrong way. "But then people will take us out of context. … 'Oh Pastor Shelley wants to kill all f*ggots,'" he said, mocking protestors who rail against the church's anti-LGBTQ leader, Jonathan Shelley.

"Here's the thing, we want them all to die, but it's not like I'm going to do it, or I want to do it personally," he clarified. "It's like, no, we just want them dead."

Of course, the church's upstanding founder, Donnie Romero — who once said, after Florida's Pulse nightclub shooting, that God should "finish the job" — resigned after he was caught drinking, gambling, smoking weed, hanging out with prostitutes, and cheating on his wife multiple times. And it's only a matter of time before the broken Urbanek is exposed — and resigns — for his own dark secrets.

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