Deep in debt, George Santos is asking for your credit card details

Earlier this month, Breon Peace, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said Rep. George Santos (R-NY) had been charged with "stealing people's identities and making charges on his own donors' credit cards without their authorization, lying to the FEC and, by extension, the public about the financial state of his campaign."

Yesterday, Santos took to Twitter and asked people to supply him with their credit card information.

"I'm surrounded by RINOs and Democrats!," tweeted the admitted fraudster and congenital liar who operates under numerous aliases. "NY-3 is cornered. I need you all to stand up and help me stay in the fight! Donate today and help keep the only Long Island rep that voted for #JimJordanforSpeaker fighting for you!"

Poor George — aka Anthony Devolder, aka George Devolder, aka Anthony Zabrovsky, aka Kitara Ravache — hasn't been doing too well on the donation front as of late. In fact, according to his most recent Federal Election Commission filing, the MAGA representative received negative contributions (-$16,526) due to refunds. He also disclosed over $100,000 in additional debt.

I think people are onto him.

[via Into More]