CyberSchmuck admits trucks are hard to build

Four years ago, Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk promised the world a really ugly pickup truck. Having delivered sweatshirts to Tesla employees celebrating the vehicle's launch, a production truck has yet to hit the market. After spending almost half a decade preparing the vehicle, Tesla's CEO is lowering expectations.


"I want to temper expectations for Cybertruck," Musk said, while making the absurd claim that "there have not been new car [brands] that have been successful for 100 years, apart from Tesla."

"We dug our own grave with Cybertruck," Musk told investors, calling it the type of special product with lots of bells and whistles that only comes along once in a while.

It seems production isn't going well, and perhaps isn't even finalized.

I have a pickup truck and think the hybrids are perhaps a better choice for now. However, technology is moving so quickly that I am sure the range/battery storage issues with trucks will soon be solved. Currently, it appears the e-trucks are great proof-of-concept stuff that shows us it'll be ready for prime time in a few years.