The unnoticed thief: how a man posed as a mannequin to steal jewelry

A 22-year-old man was arrested in Warsaw, Poland, after he posed as a store mannequin and waited until closing time to steal merchandise.

In photos released by the Warsaw police, the unnamed suspect is seen standing behind the storefront window, holding a bag.

From BBC:

Police said the accused went "hunting" in various departments after closing, before settling on a jewellery stand.

The man is also accused of stealing items from a second mall.

Warsaw Police said that staff and shoppers failed to notice anything unusual as the man stood in the window, and blended in with several mannequins.

Police said that he stood still until "he felt it was safe", then walked through various departments after closing time before taking jewellery.

The police say he has been held in jail for three months and faces up to ten years in prison.