This Erotic Admiral Ackbar action figure is sadly not a trap

In the official Star Wars novel Aftermath, author Chuck Wendig has a delightfully clever chapter written by from the perspective of Admiral Ackbar, recontextualizing the Mon Calarami military leader's most infamous moment: gurgling "It's a trap!" in his fishy voice during the space battle in Return of the Jedi. In Wendig's telling, Ackbar is indeed a military genius, whose strategic mind borders on paranoid as he tries to work out every possible angle the enemy might take. "It's a trap!" is framed as Ackbar's near-constant internal monologue — and his greatest asset.

But custom toy maker Dan Doris of Death By Toys had a different idea about what Admiral Ackbar's greatest asset might actually be: his squid dick.

It's not a trap, it's just this lovely squid-like appendage from one of the rebellion's most celebrated admirals. 

This is a repurposed plastic squid floating loose inside a plastic bubble. The card is 6" x 9" like classic SW figs. Because I assemble each one of these by hand, minor imperfections will occur. 

Comes with an official Death Certificate of Authenticity.

The Admiral Ackbar's Dick action figure costs $40, but unfortunately, the small custom run has already sold out. If that disappoint you, because you were really hoping to get your mitts on some hand-crafted Mon Calamari genitals, then you might consider itself to be a trap.

Admiral Ackbar's Dick [Death By Toys]