Alex Jones must pay $1.1 billion despite bankruptcy

Alex Jones tried to hurt Sandy Hook families one last time by declaring bankruptcy, but a Texas judge ruled that Jones cannot use bankruptcy to avoid paying over $1 billion in damages to Sandy Hook families.

Bankruptcy can't be used to clear a person's debts and legal judgments "if they result from 'willful or malicious injury' caused by the debtor," reports Reuters.

The means that Jones "will likely be working the rest of his life to pay his debt to the families," reports The New York Times. "It also closes off the possibility that Mr. Jones could liquidate Infowars and force the families to accept whatever proceeds result, leaving him free to start a new business."

It's expected that Jones will do everything possible to avoid paying the families he lied about. But the court has numerous tools at its disposal to force him to pay, including wage garnishment, liens on his assets, asset seizures, contempt of court charges, passport suspension, ruined credit, and continued litigation. Refusing to pay the court-ordered damages could make Jones' life extremely difficult financially and legally. The families now have the law firmly on their side to extract compensation from Jones after his malicious lies caused them so much pain and suffering.