Watch these adorable porcupines grunting, squeaking, and squealing while devouring their favorite snacks

When I'm in a cranky mood, nothing gets me out of my funk quite like watching cute animals making adorable noises while munching on their favorite snacks. Today's animal of choice is the porcupine. Here's an absolutely delightful porcupine named Sid munching on a banana. Here's a charming fellow named Big Ben eating a sweet potato—making the sweetest happy eating noises. And here's a cutie named named Rico chomping on some peanut butter, banana chips, and pumpkin treats.

Sid and Big Ben both live at Wilderness Miracles Wildlife Rehab in Bowdoin, Maine, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that rehabs injured, orphaned, and displaced Maine wildlife. They are currently rehabbing 15 raccoons, 9 porcupines, 3 mice, 2 grey squirrels, 4 chipmunks, 3 opossums, and 5 red squirrels. And Rico is a resident at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Big Ben's hilarious grunts and squeaks reminded me so much of Teddy Bear, Zooniversity's resident porcupine, whom we featured here back in 2014 eating pumpkins for Halloween. I figured it couldn't hurt to share another video of Teddy Bear—here's a 7-minute compilation of the sweet beast thoroughly enjoying his favorite foods: corn, pumpkins, and bananas. 

To learn more about the rehab, check out their website, and if you want to donate supplies to help with the animals' medical care, hydration, nutrition, and more, here's their Amazon Wishlist. And for more videos featuring the squeak-a-licious Teddy Bear, check out his YouTube channel.