You're in for a surprise with Tsingtao beer's secret ingredient

Video shows a worker appearing to urinate into tanks of beer ingredients at Tsingtao, one of China's largest breweries, and the footage has gone viral in China. Tsingtao produces more than 2bn gallons a year, much of it for export. Maybe you will get a lucky bottle!

Tsingtao said on Friday that it "attached great importance" to the online video, and the police had started an investigation.

The BBC has reached out to the company for comments.

Chinese social media has been shocked by the clip, as the brand is hugely well-known both at home and abroad.

"A piss that will ruin a lot of money, this worker has done some real damage here," a top-liked comment on X-like platform Weibo reads.

"Good thing I don't drink beer – but it's unimaginable if this brand is finished because of this," one user said.

The footage is embedded below. From the incredibly low quality of the video, it could just be a "funny" prank that got way out of hand, but reportage (including the BBC's) suggests that the worker did indeed piss in the hops.