New House speaker nominee Tom Emmer already doomed with 26 "no" votes

Majority Whip Tom Emmer is the new House speaker nominee to enter the wild and crazy Big Top. And predictably, things have already spiraled out of control.

In fact, there is already "significant opposition" to the Minnesota Rep., according to Rep. Steve Womack (R–AR) via CNN. As in 26 "no" votes by his fellow Republican colleagues in the latest closed door roll call vote. This is more nays than both Steve Scalise and Gym Jordan received. And remember, the speaker nominee can only afford to lose 4 votes total.

Emmer, who was floated earlier this month by Rep. Matt Gaetz — the Florida Man who got the GOP into this mess in the first place when he ousted Kevin McCarthy — received 10 "no's" earlier today, so his numbers are only getting worse rather than better.

I presume one such nay vote came from George Rep. Rick Allen, who earlier today dissed the nominee for daring to support the Respect for Marriage Act.

"How concerned are you about his vote on same sex marriage?" he was asked.

"Very concerned," Georgia's anti-LGBTQ Congressman responded. And when asked if he would vote against Emmer, Allen responded with a swift "Yes." (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

Why the House listens to Matt Gaetz is about as strange as the MAGA phenomenon itself. But, as far as the the topsy-turvy GOP is concerned, it's somehow all the Democrats' fault.