Stable genius Donald Trump gives us a crash course on U.S. history in hilarious video

Never has U.S. history been as entertaining as when taught by stable genius Professor Donald Trump. In this 3-minute crash course, you will learn:

• How the Continental Army "manned the airports" during the Revolutionary War
• Andrew Jackson caused the Civil War, even though he died 16 years before the Civil War started
• The same Andrew Jackson was "really angry" during the Civil War
• The Great Depression started in 1928
• Hitler went through countries "like cheese"
• A wheel is older than a wall
• The Canadians burned down the White House
• And much much more!

"If we don't know our history, it could all happen again," says Prof. Trump, whose unwavering gravitas when sharing his expertise on the subject makes for a perfect punchline. "Have to know our history," he concludes — a history which, he discloses in the end, was taught to him by Melania. (See video below, posted by Occupy Democrats.)

Front page thumbnail image: Occupy Democrats