These rescued farm animals reacting to popsicles bring me so much joy!

These videos of the various animals who live at The Gentle Barn farm animal sanctuary reacting to popsicles are so fun to watch. If you've ever wondered whether cows, horses, donkeys, chickens, goats, pigs, ducks, sheeps, emus, and alpacas like popsicles, here's your chance to find out! Spoiler alert: some absolutely adore the treats, and others are super confused. All of the animals are adorable, though, whether they gobble up the snacks or turn their noses up.

The Gentle Barn farm animal sanctuary, which has been rescuing animals for 23 years and operates in California, Tennessee, and Missouri, states its mission on its website:

We work each day to create a gentler world by rescuing animals, giving them rehabilitation and sanctuary, and then hosting people looking for hope, and opening people's hearts to the intelligence, affection, and magic of animals.

Co-founders Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner provide some history of the sanctuary:

The Gentle Barn started on a half-acre property in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, CA. In 2003 Ellie and Jay moved The Gentle Barn to a six-acre paradise in Santa Clarita, CA. The property is complete with large horse and cow pastures, a red and white barnyard for the smaller animals, an organic vegetable garden, lots of shade trees, and a panoramic view of gorgeous mountains. There are nearly 200 animals that are safe and happy at The Gentle Barn, and there is plenty of room to welcome their visitors and the children they host. 

The Gentle Barn has a second location in Nashville, Tennessee, and a third in St Louis, Missouri. It is their goal to open Gentle Barns in every state so that everyone in America can hug cows, cuddle turkeys, give pigs tummy rubs, and look into the eyes of these animals and know for certain that we are all the same, and deserving of the same rights, respects, and freedoms. Since its inception, The Gentle Barn has saved thousands of animals and been host to over 500,000 people.

Please go watch these super cute animals snacking on popsicles. I've posted part one below, but here's part two, and part three. Enjoy!


It's safe to say the animals at our sanctuary have some strong opinions 😂 #popsicles #rescueanimals #farmanimalsanctuary

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